Last update: April 30st 2021

Module Creator 2.0

Download the Module Creator now
Module Creator as zipped file (ZIP)
Fixed potential bug in modfunc.a99, added new version of L99 v1.6.3
Added new version of L99 v1.8.4 and XA99 v2.2.1

The Module Creator is an environment for creating binary files containing 1,2 ,3 or max 4 (Editor/Assembler option 5 type) program files to be used with the TI99/4A Cart 64K v03c created by John Guidry ( "". ) or newer versions. With module creator 2.0 it is also possible to create NON- inverted ROM images to be used with FlashROM99 created by Ralph Benzinger ( "". )

[Module Creator]

The Module Creator consists of Yab (Yet Another Button bar) which is a program for creating simple Window shells, XA99 Cross Assembler and L99 the Linker and an TMS9900 assembly file modfunc.a99 containing some default tables and routines for the module to be created.


Download the Module Creator which is a ZIP file containing all necessary programs and files. Unzip this file placing all files in a directory of your choice, i.e. C:\modulecreator_20\. Make sure the path you like to use doesn't contain any spaces.

Next, create a shortcut to the program YAB.EXE by right clicking this file and select the option 'create shortcut' in the context menu. Rename this shortcut to 'Module Creator'.
Change the properties of this shortcut by right clicking 'Module Creator.lnk' and select the option 'properties' in the context menu. Change the properties as follows:

  • Target: C:\modulecreator_20\YAB.EXE C:\modulecreator_20\modulecreator.yab

  • Start in: C:\modulecreator_20

  • Other Pictogram: C:\modulecreator_20\modulecreator.ico

The last thing to do is to set the correct path in the Yab script file. Open the file 'modulecreator.yab' with notepad or your favorite text editor. Locate the text '@1=C:\modulecreator_20' and change the path 'C:\modulecreator_20' into the path where you have placed the ModuleCreator files and save the changes.
Now double click the 'Module Creator' shortcut and the program should start.


Also see the help file 'modulecreator.chm' in the download package wich can be opened by double clicking this file or from the About menu option of the 'Module Creator' program.

You can start to create your first module by giving your module a name, like 'My Module'. Enter this name in the 'Module name' edit box.

The next thing is to add one ore more program files. Check 'Program 1', The 'Title' and the button for selecting the program file are now enabled.

Enter a title for the program, i.e. 'DM2K V2.6'. This is the title that will appear in the module's menu.

Select the desired program file. Click the button '...', the default windows file browser will open. Browse to the location of the program file and select the first part of the program. Example: Disk Manager 2000 consists of the program parts Dm2k, Dm2l, Dm2m and Dm2n. You should select Dm2k because this is the first program part.

If you wish: Select a second, third and fourth program by checking the program, entering a name and selecting the program file.

Click the 'Create Module' button. A binary file will be created containing the selected programs. This file can be used for creating an (e)prom to be used with the TI99/4A Cart 64K v03c or newer versions if this cart. This binary file can be found in a subdirectory with the entered module name in the 'Module Creator's' directory.

Save your configuration by selecting the menu option 'File - Save configuration'. The configuration will be save in a file with the entered module name and the extension '.modcfg'. If a new version of a program used in a module becomes available then a new version of your module can be easily created by opening the save configuration file and select the new program.