Last update: Oktober 26th 2017

Ti99Hdx Server (PC program)

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Ti99Hdx is a PC program which is capable to communicate with a TI99/4A or Geneve computer over a serial connection (TI RS232/2 interface or own build) or a parallel connection (Cf7a+ interface).

Ti99Hdx can handle TI files in the V9T9 and TIFILES file format. All files are stored in a pre-defined directory on the hard disk of the PC. It is also possible to make use of subdirectories in this pre-defined directory. For the TI99/4A point of view it looks like as if a hard disk is connected.

Ti99Hdx can be used with any module or program that uses the standard TI99 file IO, like: TI Basic, TI Extended Basic, E/A or Dm2k.

Since Ti99Hdx version 9.1a a menu option is available to determine how files are send to the TI99:
  • Unsorted (file system dependend)
  • Sorted case sensitive
  • Sorted file names before directory names
  • Sorted directory names before file names
  • Sorted by file type
Also a maximum of 127 file names and 114 direcory names are send over to the TI when reading the HDX1. directory. These maximums are the TI99 file system default and this prevents your diskmanager of choice from entering never never land (this all depends on the robustness of the diskmanager used). Also a better sanity check is added to be sure it is really a file conform the V9T9 or TIFILES format.

If a file "HDX1.PRINTER" is opened any data printed to this file will be send via a software connection to the Ti99Print program. This program will send received data to the default Windows printer.

If file is opened as "HDX1.TIME" then it is possible to read the PC's time and date like so:
  120 CLOSE #1
Printing to the HDX1.TIME file is ignored.

Ti99Hdx main screen
Main screen of the Ti99Hdx program.

The above picture shows the mainscreen of the PC program Ti99Hdx. In the picture you can see a closed file from wich eight records was read. Some of the communication between ther TI99 and the PC is visible in the lower part of the picture.

With this software interface I was able to create a backup of my Geneves hard disk on my PC using Dm2k. In the latest version of Ti99Hdx (since 51a) I also added routines for saving and loading complete floppy-disks to/from the PC as an image ready to use in various emulators. You will need to run the program Dsk2PC ont the TI99 for this.

The following software can be used with the Ti99Hdx project:

Dm2k For reading and writing files or creating backups
Dsk2Pc For uploading and downloading DSK images
CfHdxP1 For reading and writing files with a Cf7a+ device over a parallel port
CfHdxS1 For reading and writing files with a nanoPEB device over a serial port
UberHdx1 For reading and writing files with any mass staroage device over the serial port (UART)