Last update: August 1st 2012

TI99Print - TI99 Printer for Windows

zip file Download Ti99Print version 1.1a now

Ti99Print is a Windows program which emulates a Brother M1009 printer and a Sony prn-c41 HitBit printer plotter. These are the two print devices I had used for years with my TI99/4A computer.

It is not easy to find a simple printer these days wich can be connected to the parallel or serial port of the TI99. A lot of printers relies on some Windows driver to generate the image to print. Ti99Print does this for the TI99/4a.

The TI99 is connected with a serial cable to a PC on wich TiPrint is running. The information to print should be sended to the RS232 port of the TI99/4A. The TiPrint program continiously reads the PC's COM port and prints the incoming information to a preview window. When the page is full or a formfeed is received, this page is printed on the choosen or default windows printer.

Ti99Print main screen
Print data cought by the Ti99Print program. This is a sample output of the Sim99 program. If the page is full it is automatically send to the Windows default printer.